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Partner Certification Program

Gain entry to the world’s most effective relationship-development tool, and more.


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This program has been accredited by the International Coaching Federation. Completion of all assignments and attendance at all online sessions will entitle participants to 20 Core Competency CCE credits and 13 Resource Development CCE credits, for a total of 33 CCE credits.

The course consists of a “pre-sessions” segment followed by six live sessions. All sessions are conducted online via Zoom. In-person sessions may be available in some regions, on a case-by-case basis.


Reading, self-reflection, watching videos, in-session and inter-session pair work, role-playing, self and peer evaluation, answering questionnaires, running BehaviorTuner Assessments with personal contacts, growth activities and own-time study.


A workbook will be provided containing a variety of text based exercises, communicative activities, access to videos, online questionnaires, access to the BehavioralOS Resource Center (videos, PDFs, graphics, etc.)


A BehavioralOS Practitioner Account with authority to purchase and assign BehaviorTuner assessment licenses is also included upon successful completion of the course.

Program Overview


Key Concepts and Core Competencies

After the Pre-Session exercises, participants will:

  • Be able to state their reasons for participating in this program.
  • Have a complete grasp of the schedule and time commitments needed to complete certification.
  • Be able to describe the basic components of the BehavioralOS model (Push vs. Pull, 8 Styles, & Investment).
  • Be able to define the Core Competencies.
  • Differentiate between Task and Relationship Objectives (TO/RO).
  • Select a suitable external feedback provider.
  • Familiarize themselves with BehavioralOS online resources and the course instructors.


BehaviorTuner Data Tool Basics

By the end of Session 1, participants will:

  • Identify Task and Relationship Objectives from Session 1, while being able to describe the purpose and difference of each.
  • Be able to navigate PatternFinder at a high level while explaining Push vs. Pull, the 8 styles, and Investment levels.
  • Know where to locate BehaviorTuner resources online.
  • Identify and contract with accountability partner on established follow-up actions and accountability strategy.


Coaching Session Preparation Fundamentals

By the end of Session 2, participants will:

  • Have a solid grasp of, and be able to quickly modulate between the roles involved in a BehaviorTuner-based coaching engagement 
  • Utilize the Debrief Prep Sheet (along with PatternFinder and the 5 Priorities Report) to competently prepare for a data debrief session with a Coachee 


Behavioral Coding Skill Development & Application

By the end of Session 3, participants will:

  • Be able to demonstrate behavioral coding skills and differentiate between the 8 styles when interpreting results. 
  • Develop competency and familiarity of Feedback Conversations through simulations. 
  • Provide an update on where the Inviter/Respondent process stands.


Assessment-Based Coaching Skill Development

By the end of Session 4, participants will:

  • Apply all Core Competencies in a coaching setting.
  • Be able to confidently conduct a Debrief Session.
  • Have increased coding skills and accuracy through observation.
  • Bridge coding skills with coaching for behavioral change.


Advanced Practitioner Skill Development

By the end of Session 5, participants will:

  • Know which skills and strategies are needed for each of the three primary BehaviorTuner coaching journey session types. 
  • Be able to quickly modulate between the primary session types.
  • Identify and rate their top opportunities for continued skill development.


Celebration & Looking Ahead

By the end of Session 6, participants will:

  • Have a support plan for targeted skill development moving forward. 
  • Determine next steps and identify opportunities to implement BehaviorTuner with others.
  • Know the positive impact they have had on others. 


Continual Learning and Support Opportunities

  • bOS & Peer Support: Participants will be encouraged to utilize the online Resource Center and other channels of Partner support.
  • Opportunity to share experiences and advice on the bOS platform.
  • Ongoing support available as part of the Practitioner network.
  • Periodic webinars and continuing education opportunities.
Course Fee
$2,995 USD 
plus tax

Fee includes all course materials, one year of bOS Partner Program membership, and up to five BehaviorTuner assessment licenses upon successful completion of the program.

July 2020

Time: 6pm – 8pm


Session 1 – July 16
Session 2 – July 30
Session 3 – August 13
Session 4 – August 27
Session 5 – September 10
Session 6 – September 24


All dates and times are based on U.S., Eastern time zone.


August 2020

Time: 6pm – 8pm


Session 1 – August 12
Session 2 – August 26
Session 3 – September 16
Session 4 – September 30
Session 5 – October 14
Session 6 – October 28


All dates and times are based on U.S., Eastern time zone.


September 2020

Time: 6pm – 8pm


Session 1 – September 8
Session 2 – September 22
Session 3 – October 6
Session 4 – October 20
Session 5 – November 10
Session 6 – November 24


All dates and times are based on U.S., Eastern time zone.


May 2020

Time: 6pm – 8pm


Session 1 – May 7
Session 2 – May 21
Session 3 – June 4
Session 4 – June 25
Session 5 – July 16
Session 6 – July 23


All dates and times are based on U.S., Eastern time zone.


Feb 2020

Time: 6pm – 8pm


Session 1 – Feb 5
Session 2 – Feb 19
Session 3 – Mar 11
Session 4 – Apr 1
Session 5 – Apr 22
Session 6 – May 6


All dates and times are based on U.S., Eastern time zone.


Terms Summary

Package includes 3 licenses upon completion of Session 6, with additional two licenses upon successful completion of the final certification activity, and attendance of at least 5 of the 6 session. All licenses are valid for one calendar year from the date of Session 6. Bonus licenses may be awarded in exchange for written testimonials.
Participants must substantially complete all activities, and attend and participate in all six of the live online sessions to be eligible for Certification as a bOS Partner. Only participants who demonstrate basic knowledge of, and skill with, the Core Competencies covered in the program will be eligible for Certification status.
bOS membership means having an active Partner account at BehavioralOS.com. Annual renewal is available to Partners who purchase at least one BehaviorTuner license per year.
Individual make up sessions are available by special arrangement for $499 per session, per person.
Full refund upon written notice of cancellation received up to 15 days before Session 1
50% refund for cancellation within 15 prior to Session 1, through 24 hours after Session 1 is completed.
(See also the full Terms & Conditions and Policies document on the registration page.)